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Esra Latif

Friends Fans Rejoice: The Couch Brings Central Perk Vibes To Amman!

Welcome to the ultimate Friends fan haven: The Couch. Here, every day feels like a reunion with your favorite pals from the iconic sitcom! Nestled in the heart of Khalda-Amman, the cozy cafe of Central Perk, lovingly dubbed The Couch, is a dream come true for any Friends enthusiast.

Step inside and be greeted by an exact replica of the famous orange couch where Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe shared countless laughs and heartfelt moments. And guess who’s there too? None other than Hugsy, the adorable stuffed penguin, keeping watch over the place!

Now, let’s talk goodies. The menu at The Couch, Amman is stacked higher than Joey’s sandwich dreams. From deliciously brewed coffee served hot, cold, or iced, to mouthwatering cakes, cannolis, tarts, cheesecakes, and éclairs, they’ve got everything.

As you settle in with your perfectly brewed cup of joe, adorned with a sticker of your favorite Friends character (tough choice, we know!), take a moment to soak in the atmosphere. Monica’s iconic apartment door stands proud, and the theme song lyrics guide your way up the stairs. Oh, and don’t forget to snap a selfie with the gang because they’ve got their photos plastered all over our walls.

Entertainment and Friends-Themed Activities at The Couch ( The Central Perk of Amman!)

And what’s a Central Perk without some good ol’ entertainment? Get your vocal chords warmed up for Open Mic nights or put your Friends knowledge to the test at Trivia. Trust us, it’s more fun than trying to count how many times Ross says “We were on a break!”

Can you imagine anything more iconic than having your birthday party right here, surrounded by all the charm and nostalgia of Central Perk? You and your pals lounging on the famous couch, sipping on your favorite coffee. But seriously who’s the Chandler of your friends group?

And speaking of nostalgia, what’s playing on the TV at Amman’s The Couch? You guessed it—Friends reruns! Because let’s be real, there’s no such thing as too much Friends.

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