Kholud Abul Asal

Here’s Why The Al-Kalha Stairs Will Never Get Old

Loved by Mahmoud Darwish, it’s no surprise that this is one of our favorite nostalgic spots in Amman. Of course, we’re talking about the Al-Kalha stairs.

This Amman landmark has 112 steps exactly and is a clever shortcut between downtown and Jabal Al Lweibdeh. If you’re wondering why they’re named Kalha, the first family to ever own a restaurant there is the Kalha family, back in the 30s! Today, the staircase is home to wonderful and colorful street art that you’ll adore.

And here’s what you’ll also find:

– A charming bookshop and stationery to pick your next fav read.

– A lovely barbershop called Abu Ahmed that invites the passerby to get a shave!

– One of the oldest hotels of the city, Riviera Al Kalha that’s perfect for a memorable stay-cation.

– Cafe Zikrayat El Balad which enables you to travel back to the good old’ time!

  • A DHL is also conveniently located on the staircase

– Abu Ali is the solution to your katayef cravings

– An Art Cafe boasting handmade products and accessories.

– The Ezwitti Initiative restaurant that gives you the opportunity of offering meals for the needy.

– A colorful shop selling traditional and folkloric accessories, at the end of the stairs.

Once you reach Jabal Al Lweibdeh, you can continue up to the art square where the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation offers an exceptional view of the city. Enjoy!