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Check Out This Sweet Pyramid Box In Amman!

If you’re on the lookout for an extraordinary dessert adventure in Amman, look no further than Dot Sugar and try the amazing pyramid dessert. With branches all around Jordan, including Dabouq, Swefieh Village, Abdoun, Jaber Complex, and Irbid, Dot Sugar is easily accessible and promises a sugary escapade like no other.

dessert pyramid
The Pyramid of Delights
Dot Sugar Amman

Imagine a towering dessert pyramid, Dot Sugar’s creation is a masterpiece – a sugary wonderland that has 12 delectable treats and 4 luscious chocolate dips. Let’s break down this dessert marvel, one layer at a time:

Begin your sweet adventure with crispy, fluffy waffles, the perfect base for our dessert pyramid. Explore a world of delights, from delicate fettuccine crepes to mini pancakes and luscious Nutella Crepes. Dive into juicy strawberries, tropical pineapples, and heavenly profiteroles. Savor the gooey bliss of marshmallows and lokma, then indulge in fudgy brownies and a warm cookie skillet. It’s a heavenly dessert journey in every bite.

And the pièce de résistance – 4 velvety chocolate dips to dunk your goodies in.

Don’t Forget The Iced Coffee!
Dot Sugar Amman

If you’re an iced coffee lover in Amman, pair your pyramid of treats with Dot Sugar’s delicious offerings! It’s the perfect complement to your sugary adventure, offering a refreshing contrast to the sweetness.

Perfect for Any Occasion:
Dot Sugar Amman

Whether you’re planning a gathering with friends or looking for a unique gift idea, Dot Sugar’s dessert pyramid is a showstopper. Your taste buds will thank you, and your Instagram feed will be flooded with envy-inducing photos!