Joanna Daoura

5 Spots For Delicious Rotisserie Chicken In Amman

If you’re in the city and craving some mouthwatering rotisserie chicken, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of the top rotisserie chicken spots in Amman that will satisfy your cravings for perfectly seasoned, juicy, and tender chicken!

1. Don Poio – The King of Chicken!
1. Don Poio – The King of Chicken!

Prepare to have your world rocked at Don Poio, where chicken takes the throne! Their Pollo a la Brasa, the Peruvian rotisserie chicken, is a superstar, served with a tasty garlic dip, warm, fresh-baked bread, and a zesty salsa that’ll dance on your palate. And the best part? You get to choose your sidekick – crispy golden fries, or fragrant cilantro rice.

2. Al Seeran – Where Fire Meets Flavor!
2. Al Seeran – Where Fire Meets Flavor!

For those craving a perfectly seasoned, tender rotisserie chicken in Amman, Al Seeran is the place to be. Their grilled chicken is cooked over a gentle flame, infusing it with mouthwatering flavors. The dips and sides here are equally impressive and elevate the entire dining experience.

3. Al Shami – A Feast Fit for Kings!
Rotisserie chicken amman 3. Sham Isahab – A Feast Fit for Kings!

Al Shami is your ticket to a feast that’s larger than life! Their rotisserie chicken is a glorious titan of flavor, seasoned to perfection and served in generous portions making them one of the best rotisserie chicken spots in Amman! No fancy frills, just unadulterated chicken indulgence that’ll have you licking your fingers.

4. Har Nar Fast Food Restaurant – Where Flavor Knows No Bounds!
Rotisserie chicken amman 4. Harnar Fast Food Restaurant – Where Flavor Knows No Bounds!

Harnar Fast Food Restaurant is your one-stop shop for delicious fast food meals. While their rotisserie chicken is a star on the menu, you can also indulge in shawerma, burgers, salads, and barbecue. The secret magical seasoning adds an extra layer of flavor to their already delicious dishes.

5. Anwar Mecca – The Power of Choice!
Rotisserie chicken amman 5. Anwar Mecca – The Power of Choice!

At Anwar Mecca, you’re the boss of your chicken experience! Do you crave the smoky allure of flame-grilled chicken or the succulent tenderness of rotisserie? It’s your call! Whichever path you choose, it comes with crispy fries, pickles, garlic sauce, and warm, fluffy bread.

So there you have it, the most thrilling rotisserie chicken spots in Amman. These chicken champions will redefine your chicken expectations! Craving something sweet after the heavy chicken meal? Check Out This Sweet Pyramid Box In Amman!