Joanna Daoura

5 Must-Try Restaurants In Jubeiha!

If you’re strolling the vibrant streets of Jubeiha in Amman, get ready for a delicious rollercoaster with awesome restaurants. We’ve uncovered five gems that will make your foodie heart skip a beat!

1. Brothers Eatery: Where Calzones Steal the Show
Jubeiha Restaurants

Tired of the same old pizza joints? Brothers Eatery is here to shake things up with a mind-boggling 20 types of Calzone! Burgers, pizzas, wings – they’ve got it all. The star of the show? The Fajita Chicken Calzone. It’s a mouthwatering explosion of chicken, olives, mushrooms, capsicums, onions, cheddar, and mozzarella.

2. Chaika Seafood: Dive into Oceanic Delights

Jubeiha Restaurants مطاعم الجبيهة

Seafood lovers, rejoice! Chaika Seafood is your go-to restaurant in Jubeiha. With signature seafood platters, succulent grilled catches, and pasta creations infused with the bounty of the sea, this place is a seafood paradise. From tantalizing appetizers to lobsters, they’ve mastered the art of seafood, making each bite a taste of the ocean’s finest.

3. Signetch Shawarma: Shawarma Magic in Every Bite

For a shawarma experience like no other, head to Signet Shawarma. With their shawarma shakers and hearty family-sized meals, they’ve perfected the art of this Middle Eastern classic. The broasted chicken is also such a flavor bomb, tender, and full of zest. This place is the ultimate shawarma celebration!

4. Ayoubi: Afghani and Yemeni Delights

Craving something unusual? Jubeiha’s Ayoubi restaurant brings the flavors of Afghanistan and Yemen to Jordan. From 8 am to 12 am, savor the unique fusion of Afghani and Yemeni cuisines and indulge in their famous fresh Tamees Bread! It’s a culinary journey that’s worth the ride!

5. Pizza Lover: Pizza with a Twist

Pizza Lover is not your average pizza joint. With branches scattered across Amman, including Jubeiha, this restaurant has won hearts with its famous Chicken Alfredo Pizza. And those wings – smoked barbecue heaven! Plus, they’re not afraid to get a little wild with toppings like tuna, cheeseburger, and chicken pineapple.