Joanna Daoura

Missing Summer Nightlife? Unveiling The Coolest Winter Rooftop Bar In Amman!

As the chilly winter breeze takes over, bidding farewell to the rooftop bars of summer can be a bit disheartening. But fear not! Amman’s newest winter rooftop spot is here to keep the vibes alive and kicking. Welcome to Chic Rooftop, where the views are as panoramic as the vibes are lit.

Located at Um Uthainah on Shat Al Arab Street, Chic Rooftop officially opened its doors on November 27th, 2023. If you’re missing the stunning scenes from your favorite summer hangouts, this is the place to be. The chic interior complements the breathtaking views, making it a perfect spot to unwind during the colder months.

What’s a rooftop experience without some delicious food? Ammna’s Chic Rooftop has you covered with a mix appetizers platter featuring onion rings, wedges, mozzarella sticks, dynamite bites, and tender chicken. For something heartier, indulge in loaded nachos served in a skillet with cheese perfect for dipping. Freshness meets flavor in their crab salad, and if you’re feeling fancy, don’t miss out on the steak.

Pair your delectable bites with a selection of cocktails that’ll warm you up in no time. The must-try margaritas are a perfect companion, but if you have a sweet tooth, the piña colada is a tropical delight. For those who want to venture into uncharted cocktail territory, trust the talented bartenders at Chic Rooftop to whip up something extraordinary.

Whether you’re enjoying a laid-back evening with friends or gearing up for a lively night out in Amman, Chic Rooftop’s music and vibes guarantee a memorable experience that goes beyond just great food and stunning views. So, when the DJ hits play, don’t be surprised if you find yourself irresistibly drawn to the dance floor.

As you sip and savor, let the best music and DJ in town elevate your experience. The ambiance is super classy, the views are amazing, and the overall vibes are just what you need to beat the winter blues. Remember, reservations are a must, so dial 0779777799 and secure your spot at Amman’s Chic Rooftop. Embrace the winter rooftop scene with open arms!