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Joanna Daoura

5 Brilliant Jordanian Restaurants On MENA’s 50 Best List!

Jordan’s rocking the food scene, and we’ve got the lowdown on the coolest Jordanian restaurants that snagged a spot on the MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2024!

1. Fakhreldin

First up, we’ve got Fakhreldin at No. 7 – a fine Levantine gem tucked away in an authentic Jordanian Villa. Mezze lovers, you’re in for a treat! With impeccable choices and a barbecue selection to die for, Fakhreldin is a must-visit, and don’t even think about leaving without trying their killer coffee and desserts.

2. Shams El Balad

Heading to No. 18, we find Shams El Balad, a family-run hotspot and cultural space serving up dishes like za’atar chicken and beetroot falafel. And get this – they’ve got a date and rose manouche for dessert that’ll blow your mind! Plus, it’s all happening in one of the oldest villas in Amman – talk about dining in style.

3. Sufra

Next on the list is Jordanian restaurant, Sufra, at No. 29, where home-style cooking takes center stage. Expect cozy rooms, an open-air terrace, and clay-pot cooking that brings out the best in Bedouin dishes. Seasonal delicacies? Count us in!

4. Alee

Alee comes in hot at No. 36, bringing modern Levantine flavors with playful textures. An open kitchen lets you peek behind the culinary curtain, and the panoramic view of downtown Amman and the Citadel is the cherry on top.

5. 13C Bar

Last but definitely not least, we’ve got 13C, a Jordanian Restaurant and Bar, in the Back, at No. 44 of MENA’s 50 best. Ready for a liquid journey? They’ve got Amman’s largest selection of wine and spirits. Mix and match with their menu designed for the ultimate pairing experience. And can we talk about their outdoor patio and the marble-topped bar? Insta-worthy for sure!

So there you have it – the food scene is buzzing, and these Jordanian restaurants are leading the charge by securing 5 spots on MENA’s 50 Best list!