Joanna Daoura

Get Your Fry Fix At The Fries Shop: Amman’s Ultimate Fry Destination!

Fellow fry enthusiasts, we have found the ultimate spot for you! Let us tell you about this gem of a spot in Amman that’s basically a shrine to all things fries – The Fries Shop on Mecca Street. If you haven’t been yet, you’re seriously missing out on some fry-tastic goodness!

More than 12 different fry creations!

First off, let’s talk variety. They’re not messing around when it comes to fries. They’ve got all the classics – your regular fries, curly fries (because why not have fun with your fries?), waffle fries (for that extra crunch), sweet potato fries (a slightly healthier option, but still totally delish), and even fries balls (yeah, you read that right – balls of fried potato perfection).

It gets even better for foodies. The Fries Shop in Amman isn’t satisfied with just serving up the usual suspects. Nope, they’ve got over 12 different fry concoctions that’ll wow you. We’re talking Dynamite Chicken Fries, Pesto Chicken Fries, Indian Fries with all the flavorful Indian fixings, and even Chicken Fajita Fries. Are you drooling yet? Because we know we are!

And don’t even get us started on the beef options. Beef Stroganoff Fries? Texas Fries loaded with beef bacon and cheese? Um, yes please! These fries are so loaded with goodness!

Oh, and did we mention they’ve got Taco Fries now? Yeah, you heard us right – fries inside a crispy taco shell with yummy toppings and sauces. It’s like they took all our favorite things and put them together in one glorious dish.

The vibe at Amman’s The Fries Shop is laid-back and inviting. The walls are covered in cheeky phrases like “Diet starts tomorrow” and “Today we eat fries” – because life’s too short to skimp on the good stuff, are we right?

Fries shop Amman

Head over to The Fries Shop for a fry-filled feast you won’t soon forget. And hey, don’t forget to snap a pic for the ‘gram – those fries are too pretty not to share!