Joanna Daoura

20 Iftar Hotspots In Amman To Choose From Before Ramadan Ends (With Prices!)

Ramadan is winding down, and let’s face it, your mom’s probably taking a well-deserved break from the kitchen by now. If you’ve been meaning to venture out and try some delicious iftar options in Amman but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet, well, consider this your sign! We’ve rounded up the top spots in Amman where you can enjoy some mouthwatering iftar meals to break your fast. From Lebanese feasts to juicy steaks and everything in between, it’s time to treat yourself!

1. Em Sherif Cafe Amman

Get ready for some Lebanese goodness and cozy vibes. Set menu prices start from 35 JD++.

2. Sufra Restaurant

Treat yourself to authentic Jordanian flavors with their homemade dishes. Buffet for 35 JD.

3. Lucca Steakhouse

Calling all steak enthusiasts! Indulge in mouthwatering steaks and refreshing drinks. Set menu: 26 JD++ per person, 26 JD++ per 2 kids.

4. Fakhreldin Restaurant

Feast on delectable Levantine cuisine that’ll make your taste buds dance. Set menu: 45 JD per adult, 22.5 JD per child.

5. Ikura

Sushi lovers, rejoice! Dive into a Japanese iftar buffet for just 18 JD.

6. Landmark Hotel Amman

Treat yourself to luxury and a delightful iftar buffet. Prices start from 21++ JD.

7. Al Qasr Garden

Picture-perfect setting with lush greenery for your iftar. Prices start from 35++ JD per adult, 17.5 JD per child.

8. Wild Jordan Center

Enjoy a scrumptious iftar with a view of old Amman. Set menu: 20 JD.

9. Solaya

Embark on a Mediterranean culinary journey. The set menu starts from 32++ JD.

10. Neo Amman

Craving Italian? Neo Amman’s got you covered with iftar set menus from 20 – 24 JD++ for 2 people.

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11. Su Casa

Explore unique Mediterranean flavors that’ll leave you wanting more. Set menu: 22++ JD.

12. Romero Restaurant

Get ready for an Italian feast at Romero! Prices start from 40 JD.

13. Flo Restaurant at Centro

Dive into some mouthwatering Arabic dishes. Buffet for 28 JD++.

14. Kebab Express

Sometimes, you just need some good ol’ Arabic fast food. Prices start from 8.75++ JD per person, 33 JDs for a meal for 4.

15. Mountain Breeze Resort

Enjoy a blend of Arabic and international cuisine in a serene setting. Set menu: 22 JD++.

16. Nur Lebanese at Fairmont Amman

Indulge in a lavish leantine iftar buffet at Amman’s Nur accompanied by entertainment. Prices start from 37++ JD.

17. Blue Fig

Discover international flavors with a set menu. Set menu: 20 JD++.

18. Shu Noodles

Craving some Chinese cuisine? Shu Noodles specializes in hand-pulled noodles. Iftar Set menu: 24 JD for 2 people.

19. Jubran

Feast on a variety of exquisite international and local dishes at Jubran’s iftar buffet. Prices start from 28++ JD.

20. L’Olivier Restaurant at Radisson Blu Amman

Treat yourself to a delectable iftar buffet featuring international cuisine. Prices start from 25 JD++.