Joanna Daoura

Unleash Your Thrills: ATV, Watercraft, and More At Off-Road Park Amman!

Feeling a bit cooped up and craving a break from the mundane? We’ve got the scoop on Amman’s best-kept secret – Off-Road Park! It’s an invitation to an adventure-packed paradise that’s all about good vibes and jaw-dropping scenery.

Nestled in the chill Al Bahath area, this place is tailor-made for people like you who crave the roar of off-road vehicles and the wind in your hair. Step away from the hustle and bustle into a haven where the calm of nature wraps around you like a warm hug. Sounds good, right?

Now, let’s talk activities at Off-Road Park Amman. We’re not just talking about off-road driving – though that’s on the menu. We’re talking camping under the stars, trying your luck at fishing, saddling up for some horseback riding, and discovering hiking spots that Instagram dreams are made of. Oh, and did we mention you don’t have to stress about setting up your tent? It’s all done for you!

For those who like to live life on the wild side, Off-Road Park in Amman has epic trails that’ll have your heart racing. Buggies, watercraft, cycling – you name it, they’ve got it. Wake up to a view that looks like it’s straight out of a postcard, and trust us, you won’t want to hit snooze on this adventure.

Here’s the kicker – it’s crazy affordable! Packages start at just 10 dinars for you and a mere 5 dinars for the kiddos. Ready to lock in your spot? Just give them a ring at 0776678140.

Off-Road Park Amman is calling your name! It’s a promise of a day where adventure high-fives tranquility in the heart of Amman. Get ready to rev up those engines and create memories that’ll have you grinning ear to ear!