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Shaman AlAbdallat

Jordanians Can Visit These 50 Places Without A Visa

For those who want to enjoy some paperwork-free and hassle-free travel, we’ve compiled a list of countries that allow visa-free or visa on arrival travel for Jordanian passport holders.


Dominica (Caribbean)

Ecuador (South America)

Egypt (North Africa)

Georgia (Eurasia)

Haiti (Caribbean)

Hong Kong (Southeast Asia)

Indonesia (Southeast Asia)

South Africa

Tunisia (North Africa)

Turkey (Eurasia)

Kosovo (Eastern Europe)

Lebanon (Middle East)

Libya (North Africa)

Malaysia (Southeast Asia)

Micronesia (Oceania)

Palestinian Territories (Middle East)

Saint Kitts and Nevis (Caribbean)

Visa Upon Arrival:

Armenia (Eurasia)

Benin (West Africa)

Bolivia (South America)

Cambodia (East Asia)

Cape Verde (West Africa)

Comoros (East Africa)

Djibouti (Horn of Africa)

Guinea-Bissau (West Africa)

Kenya (East Africa)

Macao (East Asia)

Madagascar (Southeast Africa)

Malawi (East Africa)

Maldives (South Asia)

Mauritania (Northwest Africa)

Mauritius (Northwest Africa)

Mozambique (East Africa)

Nepal (South Asia)

Nicaragua (Central America)

Palau (Oceania)

Rwanda (East Africa)

Samoa (Oceania)

Seychelles (East Africa)

Somalia (East Africa)

Tajikstan (Central Asia)

Tanzania (East Africa)

Timor Leste (Southeast Asia)

Togo (West Africa)

Tuvalu (Oceania)

Uganda (East Africa)

Yemen (Middle East)


Cote d’Ivoire (West Africa)

India (Asia)

Sri Lanka (Southeast Asia)