Shurouq Al Magrebi

7 Traditions You’ll See During Eid Al Adha In Jordan

With Eid Al Adha right around the corner, we rounded up a list of all the traditions you’ll see in Jordan.

1. Shopping in downtown

During Eid El Adha, you can find almost every Jordanian at Downtown Amman finishing up some last minute shopping, so you can only imagine the traffic there.

2. Eating kaak el eid

Some Jordanian families decide to make their own kaak at home, while others choose to buy it from popular sweets shops like Habibah and Zalatimo. Either way, Jordanian homes ALWAYS have kaak el eid.

3. Going to the barbershop

Almost every barbershop opens till late night during Eid, and you will always find people standing in line waiting for their turn.

4. Shopping in shopping malls

Similarly to Downtown Amman, shopping malls in Jordanian are also always crowded during Eid.

5. Sacrificing goats

Every area in Jordan has a store to distribute meat following the Eid sacrifice.

6. Visiting roasteries

Because everyone buys chocolate boxes and coffee during Eid.

7. Fulfilling Eid prayers

Eid prayers start at around 6:30 AM, during which people gather in their areas to fulfill their prayers.