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7 People You’ll Date In Jordan

Before ending up with Mr. or Mrs. right, you’ll go through a few “definitely wrongs” – here are some of the types of people you’ll date in Jordan.

1. The commitment phobe

This person is scared of any form of commitment and is sure to waste your time.

2. The one desperate for the ring

This person has only one goal in mind: getting married. No matter how long you’ve known each other they’ll do anything to get to that altar.

3. The split personality

Sadly this type is very common and is often difficult to deal with. With each day comes a different opinion, mood, and sometimes personality. I mean at the very least you’ll be entertained because of their unpredictable behavior but it gets old really fast.

4. The one who sabotages the relationship

This person will find any reason or excuse to sabotage the relationship and ruin things. They’re well known for the line, “you deserve better than me”.

5. The sensitive one

The romantic and overly emotional person who gets very offended if you don’t reciprocate with the same intensity. Watch out for this type because they’re pretty willing to call you 600 times an hour.

6. The playboy/girl

Everyone hates this one but sadly, they exist.

7. The cheapskate

This person can basically be bought with a couple of bucks. They’ll be impressed by your clothes and the car that you drive and like a sucker, you pay up for everything.