Ahmad Smeiry

6 Types Of Family Relatives In Jordan

Which one are you?

1. The one that’s curious about your love life

Are you in love? Is that why you lost weight?

2. The one that forces you to eat

When you’re at lunch and your relative just throws a chicken leg on your plate to eat (???)

3. The one that brags about her kids

You’re all having a serious convo about the situation in Jordan and she pops her concerns about her kid receiving an unfair grade at school.

4. The one that insists on marrying you off

It’s like you’re sick of your parents’ comments only to find your aunt arranging you a marriage with the neighbors daughter.

5. The extra generous one

Even if you see them once a year, they’ll give you money one your birthday!

6. The spoiled one

It’s the grandkid that has the unconditional love of his/her grandparents! Even if they stole from the family, they’ll forever defend them.