Shaman AlAbdallat

7 Things Jordanians Do When They Travel Abroad

Our love of travel doesn’t mean we don’t love our country. We all love Jordan, but unfortunately we tend to see quite some differences when we travel abroad. Here are seven things Jordanians do when traveling abroad:

1. Talking:

Though many of us are a bit reluctant to speak anything except Arabic at home, Jordanians will whip out all their English skills as the plane lands.

2. Money:

We view everything as pricey in Amman and find everything cheap abroad.

3. Food:

Two types of Jordanian attitudes towards food: the ones who live large in Jordan and look for street food abroad, and the ones who never go out to eat in Jordan and will go to the fanciest of spots for dinners and lunches abroad.

4. Transportation:

You’ll never see a Jordanian walking from one place to another in Amman, we’d rather take a cab from our house to the market down the street. Abroad however, we’re ready to march and walk and stroll for hours and don’t even think of taking a cab.

5. Mother Nature:

Jordan is filled with some of the most incredible, awe-inspiring nature that we, of course, never visit. But abroad, we’re sure to visit every single natural reserve and spot and unleash albums onto Instagram.

6. Dress code:

There’s definitely a difference!

7. Laws:

We’ve all noticed how we tend to observe laws more closely when abroad – no surprise there!