Shurouq Al Magrebi

This Fashion Boutique In Lweibdeh Has All-Things 90s And We Love It

If you’re a fan of 90s fashion, look no further than this fashion boutique in the heart of Lweibdeh. “Nouveaute” Tania George is the name you’re looking for if you would like to revamp your closet with some 90s staples.

Tania Haddad is a talented Jordanian designer that comes up with mega stylish outfits with iconic prints.

After studying in New York, Tania took her expertise to Amman and set up her own boutique.

She stands out with ethically and fairly made bright clothing that’s bound to wow anyone!

What are you waiting for? Head to Nouveaute and upgrade your wardrobe with some unique 90s pieces!