Editorial Staff

Crepeuccino: The Spot For Delicious Crepes In Amman

If you have a sweet tooth, satisfy your cravings in this amazing spot where you can eat the best crêpes, waffles, and pancakes in town!

Crepeuccino offers a quiet space where you can read while enjoying a leisurely mouthwatering breakfast. Traditional crepes include savory orders like the vanilla bean, s’mores, coffee with vanilla ice cream, and chocolate. The extra sweet crepes come packed with Nutella or jam, fruits or sugar, and fruit sorbets. The blueberry sponge cakes here are also a hit if you’re still hungry.

Brownies, fondant, juicy pancakes, kinder, flake, marshmallows, lotus stuffed crepes, and sweet rolls, the options are endless.

Visit now for an unbeatable experience.