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Joanna Daoura

Delightful Gift Ideas For Your Next Iftar In Amman

One of our many favorite things about Ramadan is the unlimited family and friends’ gatherings that bring joy. And of course being invited for wonderful iftar meals means you ought to find some special Ramadan gifts. Check out these delightful gifts for your next iftar invite!

Dark Chocolate Baklava from The Cakery

The Cakery has introduced a new range of sweets with a modern twist for Ramadan this year. Their innovative rendition of the traditional baklava is the heavenly dark chocolate baklava. This splendid dessert will float your friends and family’s boat!

The Date and Pistachio Cake Balls Box from Sugar Daddy’s Bakery

This contemporary bakery is offering a gift box of inspired Arabic cake pops designed and created for Ramadan. A box of date cake balls or pistachio cake balls is the perfect present for your friends and family with a sweet tooth!

A Box Of Ramadan-Inspired Sweets from La Roche Chocolate

This one is almost too pretty to eat! La Roche Chocolate, one of Amman’s finest chocolatiers, is brimming with awesome Ramadan gift ideas! The Ramadan sweets box is very tasteful and full of delicacies in the shape of crescents, stars, coffee cups, and more. This one will definitely satisfy the sweets lovers in your life. Choose between all the elegant boxes available here!

Gorgeous Gift Box From Chocolate Art

If you’re invited for an iftar and want to pick up something special, head to Chocolate Art to pick up a treat. With a wide range of splendid Ramadan gift ideas, nothing could beat a beautiful gift box of exquisite chocolate and some tea cups that you will be remembered for every time they’re used after iftar! Check out the wide selection and customize your picks.