Joanna Daoura

Spice Up Your Shawerma Game With This Indian Shawerma In Amman! (Prices Included)

We know you love your shawerma fix, but if you’re tired of the same old shawerma routine and craving a flavorful twist, head over to Amman’s Chapati, the Indian restaurant with branches in Khalda, Sweifieh, and Jbeiha, redefining shawerma with an explosion of Indian spices and flavors!

Shawerma with an Indian Twist!
Indian shawerma amman

Love shawerma but craving a flavor explosion? Choose Chapati’s Tandoori Shawerma – think tandoori-roasted chicken shawerma wrapped snugly in naan bread, with all the classic shawerma fixings and some secret indian spices! It’s a mouthwatering revelation that’s been missing from your life.

Double Shawerma, Double Fun!
Indian shawerma amman

But Chapati’s Double shawerma Meal is the real deal! Two shawerma sandwiches, jam-packed with their secret Indian spice blend, wrapped in fresh chapatti bread, and served with fries, pickles, and veggies – all for a rockin’ JOD 5.50.

Choose Your shawerma Adventure!

Feel the power of choice with Chapati! Pick your spice level and bread – whether you’re into the soft tortilla vibes, a mix of flavors, or the legit Chapatti bread. It’s shawerma , your way!

Feast for the Whole Crew: Indian Shawerma by Kilo!
Indian shawerma amman

Planning a feast for the whole squad? Amman’s Chapati’s got your back with Indian shawerma by the kilo – a steal at just JOD 15 per kilo. It’s a flavor-packed party, and everyone’s invited!

More Than shawerma Goodness!
Indian shawerma amman

Amman’s Chapati isn’t just about mind-blowing Indian shawerma ; they’re dropping flavor bombs with other hits too:

Butter Chicken (JOD 5.75): Creamy, dreamy chicken goodness!

Chicken Lollipop (JOD 2.75): Fried to perfection with a spicy kick!

Chicken Biryani (JOD 4.75): A classic Indian dish that’s pure comfort on a plate.

Crave-Worthy Hours and Generous Portions!
Indian shawerma amman

Chapati knows cravings don’t keep a schedule. That’s why they’re open from noon to midnight, making sure you get your fix whenever hunger strikes. And don’t even get us started on the portions – they’re seriously generous, and your wallet will thank you!

Ready to spice things up? Head over to Chapati in Amman, where Indian shawerma dreams come true.