Raneem Abdulrahman

The Wait Is Over: Egypt’s B Laban Finally Opens Its Doors In Amman!

Big news for all of you, dessert lovers in Amman. B Laban has just set up a shop in the heart of Amman! You’ve heard of the dessert wonders they’ve been whipping up, and now it’s our turn to spoil ourselves.

If you’ve been glued to your screens, watching those viral videos of desserts that are almost too good to be true, then you know exactly what we’re talking about. From ice cream fried chicken to sweet koshary made with rice pudding – B Laban is bringing the dessert game to a whole new level. And can we talk about their taamiya ice cream? It’s like a sweet twist on falafel – mind blown!

After conquering hearts in Egypt, KSA, and the UAE, B Laban has set up a shop in Amman. Get ready to be tempted by a menu that reads like a dream. Savor French crêpes loaded with chocolate, the unique lotus koshari, and the kind of basbousa that melts in your mouth. Warning: calorie counters, proceed with caution – B Laban believes in indulgence!

What sets B Laban apart is the magical blend of Western and Arabic influences that come together in every dessert creation. The staff is as delightful as the treats, creating an atmosphere that’s both friendly and hard to resist. Whether you’re into traditional Middle Eastern delights or want to venture into uncharted dessert territory, B Laban has got the perfect treat for you.

Here’s the cherry on top – despite all the decadence, they’ve managed to keep prices pocket-friendly. So, if you’re ready to taste yummy desserts that won’t break the bank, head down to B Laban in Amman.