Joanna Daoura

20 Brilliant Spots For Suhoor In Amman This Ramadan

If you’re on the hunt for the ultimate suhoor experience this Ramadan in Amman, look no further! Here are the top 20 spots where you can indulge in some seriously scrumptious eats:

1. High Garden Rooftop

Wanna enjoy your suhoor with a view? Head over to High Garden Rooftop for Mediterranean dishes and stunning vistas. Live bakery, bread, manaqeesh and shawerma stations await during iftar and suhoor.

2. Daimeh eatery

Get ready to dive into a suhoor tray loaded with Middle Eastern goodness at Daimeh Eatery. Hummus, muhammara, and sajyeh bil lahhim? Yes, please!

3. Vivid Restaurant & Lounge

Located on The Boulevard, this restaurant serves cold and hot mezze, fresh salads, freshly baked manakish, tajines, and beverages, including all the Ramadan specials! Sit back and enjoy your favorite suhoor items, alongside a range of shisha flavors that will also be available.

4. Mshakal

With branches in Abdullah Ghosheh Street and Abdoun, Mshakal is your go-to spot for Suhoor. Order the tablieh mshakal: makdous, labneh balls, olives, grape leaves stuffed with labneh, bell peppers stuffed with labneh, and olives stuffed with labneh!

5. Malameh Cafe

Feel the Ramadan vibes at Malameh Cafe while digging into some hummus, foul, and a cuppa tea. Ah, the perfect suhoor combo!

6. Neos Rooftop

Treat yourself to a luxe suhoor experience at Neos Rooftop. Sunset views, Layali el Ouns Ramadan tent, and oud nights? Count us in!

7. Sada

Need a pick-me-up? Swing by Sada for artisan coffee and homestyle suhoor staples like sunny-side-up eggs and grilled halloumi. Yum!

8. Dahab Amman

Craving some late-night munchies? Dahab Amman has got you covered with their suhoor stations featuring everything from manakish and falafel to hot dogs and fava beans.

9. Dough Union

Pizza lovers, rejoice! Amman’s Dough Union is serving up the cheesiest pies in town for suhoor this Ramadan until the early hours of the morning. Pizza party, anyone?

10. Nur Lebanese

Fairmont Amman hosts Nur Lebanese, where you can feast on Chef Joe Barza’s suhoor menu while enjoying live music and shisha. Talk about a vibe!

11. Sah El Nom

For fresh Lebanese baked goods and mouthwatering shawarma wraps made with fresh dough (shawarma manakish?) for suhoor, Sah El Nom in Amman is the place to be at least once this Ramadan. Don’t forget to save room for dessert!

12. Ayoubi

Embark on a culinary journey at Ayoubi and savor the unique fusion of Afghani and Yemeni cuisines. Fresh Tamees bread, anyone?

13. Seven Views Restaurant & Cafe

Combine delicious dishes with breathtaking views at Seven Views Restaurant & Cafe. Hummus, falafel, and kebdeh are on the menu!

14. Em Sherif Café Amman

Transport yourself to Lebanon at Em Sherif Café and indulge in classic dishes like egg shakshouka, Hummus topped with minced meat and one nuts, and signature Cheese Bokje. It’s a flavor fiesta!

15. B Lebanese Bakery

For the best zaatar manakish in town, head to this amazing Bakery. Amman’s B Lebanese Bakery’s kofta manakish is also a must-try for suhoor this Ramadan!

16. Foron Sabaho

Get ready for a melty, cheesy adventure at Foron Sabaho with their signature Turkey and Cheese Manouche. It’s pure comfort food bliss!

17. Nommers

Prepare to fast right with bagels, French toast, and halloumi sandwiches at Nommers. Breakfast for suhoor? Yes, please!

18. Location Cafe

Immerse yourself this Ramadan in a floral fantasy at Location Cafe in Amman and enjoy grilled halloumi, veggies, falafel, labneh and manakish for suhoor in a whimsical setting.

19. Ammani Restaurant

Discover authentic Jordanian flavors at Ammani Restaurant while soaking in the beautifully designed vintage ambiance. It’s a feast for the senses!

20. Foron Abd

Calling all carb lovers! Foron Abd is your haven for mouthwatering manakish, bagels, croissants, and more. Don’t miss out on the Meringue Lemon Croissant this Ramadan to end your suhoor in this Amman spot on a sweet note!