Joanna Daoura

Sippin’ and Chillin’: Amman’s Ultimate Slush Guide

Looking to beat the Amman heat this summer? Look no further than these cool spots in Amman serving up the most refreshing slush in town!

1. Ananas Smell:

Chill vibes and real fruit juice slush? Yes, please! Perfect for a laid-back hangout while sipping on something icy and delicious.

2. Gerard Ice Cream:

If you haven’t tried their lemon slush yet, you’re seriously missing out! It’s like a burst of sunshine in a cup. And don’t even get us started on their mango and berries mix – it’s a flavor explosion!

3. Azberry:

Calling all fruit lovers! For slush with boba and many creative mixes, this place has got you covered. And their latest creation, the Red Bull slush, is giving iced coffee a run for its money!

4. Crema creme:

Want to take your slush game to the next level in Amman? Top it with a scoop of ice cream! It’s a match made in dessert heaven.

5. Abu Odeh Stores:

Grocery shopping just got a whole lot cooler. Mix up your own slush combo while stocking up on essentials at this Amman spot– talk about multitasking!

6. Yellow Café:

Blue curaçao and lemon slush? Count us in! These thick and delicious treats are just what you need to survive the summer heat.

7. Tamim Ice Cream:

Soft ice cream meets slush – need we say more? With flavors like iced coffee and blue raspberry, it’s the ultimate summer refreshment.

8. Candy Box:

Candy-topped slush = pure happiness. Treat yourself to a sweet and icy slush at this fun-filled Amman spot.

9. Gusti:

Never settle for a watery slush again! Amman’s Gusti serves up consistently cold and flavorful slush options that will keep you coming back for more.

10. Abu Alkhil:

Cotton candy slush, anyone? It’s like a carnival in a cup! Plus, they’ve got fresh fruits, milkshakes, and ice creams galore.

Get ready to slush your way through summer in style!