Joanna Daoura

Green Gold: 20 Spots For The Best Matcha Drinks In Amman!

If matcha is your go-to drink, you’ll be thrilled to know that Amman is packed with cafés offering some of the most exciting and delicious matcha beverages. From creamy milkshakes to refreshing bubble teas, here are the best places in Amman to get your matcha fix and satisfy those green tea cravings.

1. Five Coffee

Try the Mango, Strawberry, and White Mocha Matcha for a fruity and creamy delight.

2. Matsu Amman

Experience adventurous matcha blends like Matcha Lemon Mint, Matcha Guava, and Matcha Coconut.

3. Volcano Coffee House

Get a caffeine kick with Amman’s Volacano’s unique Matcha Espresso combo.

4. Full Moon Café

Relax with a Matcha Mousse and coconut water for a soothing treat.

5. Bean There Coffee

Grab a convenient Matcha Bubble Tea in a can for busy days.

6. Deja Brew

Enjoy a cozy atmosphere and a range of delightful matcha drinks at Deja Brew in Amman.

7. Geisha Coffee House

Perfect for studying or games, with delicious matcha to keep you going.

8. Base Coffee

Indulge in Matcha Tiramisu and refreshing matcha drinks.

9. Calma Space

Fuel your productivity with tasty matcha in a modern workspace in Amman.

10. Majnoon Qahwa

Treat yourself to a creamy and dreamy Matcha Milkshake.

11. 11 Eleven

Enjoy authentic matcha drinks at this top Asian restaurant.

12. Doppio

Savor the refreshing Iced Caramel Matcha for a sweet treat.

13. CoffeeCo

Discover a variety of matcha drinks to suit any craving.

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14. Evoke

Relax with yummy matcha drinks in this cozy nook in Amman.

15. Zen Zoo

Enjoy fun and tasty Matcha Bubble Tea with your choice of bubbles. Are you team tapioca or fruity bubbles?

16. Almond Coffee House

Opt for guilt-free options like the Sugar-Free Matcha Latte.

17. High Garden Rooftop

Sip matcha in a beautiful botanical garden setting.

18. Kitab Coffee House

Enjoy a cozy, inviting space with delicious matcha drinks at Amman’s Kitab.

19. Jellyfish Amman

Sip Matcha Bubble Tea from the cutest teddy bear-shaped bottles from Jellyfish Amman.

20. Reload Coffee

Recharge with a variety of refreshing matcha drinks.