Shurouq Al Magrebi

For The First Time In Jordan, A Drive-In Cinema Film Festival

Due to the current exceptional circumstances we are facing, the annual Amman International Film Festival (AIFF) kicked off on Sunday, August 23rd with a unique twist.

Originally scheduled to launch last April in front of a large theater audience, AIFF was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

But since the show must go on, organizers had to find a creative solution to abide by social distancing measures without resorting to online screenings. The end result was a successful drive-in film festival, making it the very first in Jordan and the region.

To accommodate as many film lovers as possible, screenings are also being organized at the Royal Film Commission-Jordan’s open-air theater, while industry activities are being carried out online.

Nearly 200 vehicles lined up in Amman’s New Abdelli Boulevard District for the opening, and were all ushered to their designated parking spots with respect to safety measures.

The opening was attended by Prince Ali Bin Al Hussein, Chairman of the Royal Film Commission, and his wife, Princess Rym Ali, President of the AIFF, who emphasized on the determination of the AIFF to keep the festival going despite all challenges.

The festival opened with iconic French masterpiece “Les Misérables”, and will go on to showcase around 39 of the latest Arab and international movies to support first-time filmmakers, in line with AIFF’s mission.

Some of the awards offered include: Black Iris Award for Best Arab Feature-length Narrative, Black Iris Award for Best Arab Feature-length Documentary, Audience Award, and Black Iris Award for Best Arab Narrative Short. The Amman Film Industry Days (AFID) will also be running in parallel with a set of workshops, seminars, and pitching platforms.

The AIFF’s Closing Ceremony will take place at the Royal Film Commission on September 2nd, during which “Luxor”, by Jordanian-British director Zeina Durra will be screened, and winning films will be announced.

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