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This Spot Is Serving The Biggest Shawerma Sandwich In Amman!

Calling all food adventurers and shawerma lovers in Jordan – have you ever dreamt of a shawerma so large it could practically feed a small village? Well, your dreams are now a reality at Shawrmaker.

shawerma in Jordan

Tucked away on Shafa Badran’s Arab Street, Shawrmaker is a culinary haven that deserves a spot on every foodie’s map. Their specialty is the legendary RBG Sandwich – a shawerma so massive (50 cm to be exact!), it might just give you a workout lifting it!

The hefty sandwich features 300 grams of mouthwatering chicken, 200 grams of crispy fries, a generous amount of cheddar cheese, the signature zing of garlic sauce, and a refreshing layer of lettuce. It’s not just the largest shawerma sandwich in Jordan; it’s a feast for the eyes and the taste buds!

broasted chicken

But Shawrmaker isn’t a one-hit wonder. If you’re craving a crunch that can be heard from a mile away, their broasted chicken is here to answer. Their fajitas and Mexican sandwiches are also delicious, a must-try for foodies in Amman.

Italian Bread shawerma with cheese

The innovation doesn’t stop at the fillings –you can customize your sandwich by choosing between French, Italian, or tortilla.

shawerma in Jordan

So, fellow food explorers, if you find yourself in Amman, seeking not only incredible flavors but also an Instagram-worthy meal, make your way to Shawrmaker for the largest shawerma in Jordan. Whether you’re conquering the RBG Sandwich or savoring their other mouthwatering offerings.